No part of town benefited more from the 2012 Olympic project than Stratford, but while the area can now be considered a small town in and of itself, the area's office market has some catching up to do.

The appeal

  • Cheap rents
  • 10 minutes from Liverpool Street
  • 20 minutes to central London
  • Great daytime facilities

About Stratford

Other than the medals haul of the 2012 olympics the regeneration and development of Stratford is arguable one of greatest successes of the whole venture. The athlete's village was quickly converted into flats, the stadium turned into a football pitch and the greenery became an award winning parkland area with waterways and playgrounds.

Add to this the Westfield mall and the great transport links, it's no surprise to see that projects like Here East - that now has over 3,800 innovators, visionaries and local professionals working and studying on site - set up shop here. It is however early days for commercial property, which has both upsides and downsides.

The upsides are that the area has seen significant investment over the last decade meaning there's everything you need in one location: restaurants, housing, schools, sports facilities, whatever you want the area has it and it has it all for a great rate. Plus The City and central London are just 10 and 20 minutes away respectively, meaning that unless you find yourself having to travel in and out every day, you won't find the location too inconvenient.

The downside is that there's not a lot of choice in terms of office space, the nightlife/entertainment around is still fairly bland and its unlikely your client and partners will be based in walking distance.


Stratford isn't going to win any prizes for nightlife but it has plenty of alternatives on offer, mostly as a result of the legacy of the olympics. The aquatic centre is still a fully functioning pool and leisure centre, the velo-park is home to track and off-road cycling, and the Westfield Shopping Centre, complete with over 200 stores, 80 cafes and restaurants and even a casino, has just about everything else you need.

It's fair to say though that the atmosphere is a bit clean and new, and certainly lacks the edge that some of its east London neighbours have in abundance. So if you're looking for something other than a couple of quick drinks after works or a sporty activity, we'd recommend you jump on a train to Liverpool Street (8mins) and make your way to Shoreditch where you'll find a bit more of a buzz.

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