East London

East London

East London spans a wide area from Old Street, all the way to Stratford and from Shoreditch in the south all the way to Dalston in the North. The area offers a less corporate, younger, alternative to The City yet has great transport routes into London's biggest financial district. While rents in Shoreditch and Old Street have gone up significantly over the last 20 years, as you move further away great deals can be had with Stratford offering some of the best rates in town.

  1. East London Overview

    East London Overview

    Main hubs of East London: Shoreditch & Old Street Hoxton & Haggerston Stratford

  2. Hoxton & Haggerston

    Hoxton & Haggerston

    To the north of Shoreditch lie Hoxton & Haggerston, two areas that have seen considerable changes in their history and now offer a quieter and cheaper alternative to their more supercharged neighbour to the south.

  3. Shoreditch & Old Street

    Shoreditch & Old Street

    Although prices have gone up marketably over the last few years, Shoreditch and Old Street offer the closest options you can get to The City without paying City prices.

  4. Stratford


    No part of town benefited more from the 2012 Olympic project than Stratford, but while the area can now be considered a small town in and of itself, the area's office market has some catching up to do.