London is the world's largest serviced office market and offers an incredibly wide selection of office spaces in almost every part of town. We're working hard to provide you with guides to the main hub areas so that you have a good understanding of the key benefits and drawbacks of each location. Choose one of the below guides to read up on a part of London and drill down further to get our view on a specific hub.

  1. Angel & Islington

    Angel & Islington

    With King's Cross, Old Street and The City just a few minutes away Angel & Islington has attracted companies who need access to the financial district and London's tech hubs, at an affordable rate.

  2. Bank & Monument

    Bank & Monument

    At the heart of The City of London is Bank and Monument, an area that houses some of the UK's oldest institutions and is generally considered Europe's financial, legal and corporate capital.

  3. Camden


    Famous for being Amy Whinehouse's old stomping ground, Camden is not short of entertainment, culture and vibrancy, but it also offers fantastic opportunities for the young, less corporate companies to base themselves out of.

  4. East London Overview

    East London Overview

    Main hubs of East London: Shoreditch & Old Street Hoxton & Haggerston Stratford

  5. Hoxton & Haggerston

    Hoxton & Haggerston

    To the north of Shoreditch lie Hoxton & Haggerston, two areas that have seen considerable changes in their history and now offer a quieter and cheaper alternative to their more supercharged neighbour to the south.

  6. King's Cross

    King's Cross

    With its redevelopment project now bearing fruit, King's Cross has become one of the most sought after spots for office space in London.

  7. Liverpool Street

    Liverpool Street

    At the northern end of The City of London Liverpool Street is one of the busiest part of Europe's largest financial district and has seen significant redevelopment that have changed the skyline and provided an abundance of office space.

  8. North London Overview

    North London Overview

    North London's fantastic transport links and more affordable rents have made it a popular place for organisations of all sizes trying to escape the prices of central London and the City's office space, without having to compromise too much on location.

  9. Shoreditch & Old Street

    Shoreditch & Old Street

    Although prices have gone up marketably over the last few years, Shoreditch and Old Street offer the closest options you can get to The City without paying City prices.

  10. St Paul's

    St Paul's

    Known best for the 17th century cathedral on top of Ludgate Hill, St Paul's impresses with its mix of period architecture mixed in with modern developments, making it popular with companies happy to pay a premium for a more traditional feel or for the proximity to London's financial district.

  11. Stratford


    No part of town benefited more from the 2012 Olympic project than Stratford, but while the area can now be considered a small town in and of itself, the area's office market has some catching up to do.

  12. The City of London Overview

    The City of London Overview

    Main hubs of The City: Bank & Monument Liverpool Street St Paul's