We created Upmo because we saw that renting office space can be cheaper, easier and fairer. Here's how:

1. Upmo compares the whole market

Searching for an office usually involves looking on multiple websites and noting down prices, office features, and so on to make a comparison whilst receiving unwanted sales calls. We let you see everything in one place; a map of offices from providers across London. Use filters to compare on price and features. Take an online 3D tour to get a feel for the place. And when you shortlist your favourite spaces; you can see all their details in a side-by-side comparison table; so you can be sure that you're getting the best deal. We've made it easy to make an informed choice so your team gets the best possible workplace for your budget. Try an office search to see for yourself.

"Digital comparison tools have played a big part in changing markets for the better, bringing new ways of doing things and forcing businesses to up their game. Consumers have benefited as choice and access to goods and services have grown." ~ Competition and Markets Authority (2016)

2. Connects you direct to all providers

If you want to go direct use Upmo. All other websites will take your contact details and then repeatedly call you instead of putting you in direct contact with the provider (even if they let you do bookings online). They want to ensure they get a 10–20% commission by acting as an intermediary (sometimes called a 'broker', 'advisor’ or ‘agent’). As well as standing in the way of your direct communication, this commission creates an extra cost which means you can't negotiate as low a price for the office. Most people don't realise this is happening when they visit these websites. Upmo is different. We put you directly in touch with providers whilst giving you the benefit of managing all your bookings and messages in one place. And we don't take a commission. Try an office search and you'll see how we connect you direct.

3. Saves you up to 10%

Our unique business model doesn't rely on intermediaries (who take a cut of between 10–20% of your annual rent). Instead providers pay us a small annual subscription to help support our platform to bring you the very best spaces. Providers support us because it helps them to avoid paying an expensive commission and this also means there's more room for you to negotiate a better deal.

Try an office search to see how easy it is to go direct and save up to 10%.

Most businesses could use a hand at this time. If you'd like to support our efforts to help businesses save money and support a fairer market why not spread the word–message a friend who might be interested in upmo.com.