# Technology Vision

The Technology Vision translates our Architecture Vision into a more physical view of our architecture. This view makes it more concrete on the technology that we're using by combining the information that we have on our technology radar.

The base view of our Technology Vision is borrowed from the C4 Model, which can find out more here. We don't follow the model rigorously though, as we don't capture Level 1, 3 and 4. Level 3 and 4 will change frequently, and we think that it's best to look at from the code or from a high-level pattern should we decide to capture them. The reason we don't capture Level 1s is that they can easily be seen on the System Landscape diagram, and the word System Context has given confusion amongst our developers to our Context map.

# Upmo: System Landscape

# Level 2: SOM Container

# Level 2: Inventory Diagram

# Level 2: Pro Diagram

# Level 2: Comms Service Diagram