We’re tired of the secretive & exorbitant office commission system. Our marketplace has fairness at its core. No commission. No agents. No hidden fees. Here’s how we protect you...

No secret commission (saves 10–20%)

We founded Upmo because of what we see as an injustice in securing office space. Yes, we're a business, but we're also people who want to impact society positively. (Link to about us here). Did you know that when you use other comparison websites, you pay a hidden and excessive commission?

Without your consent, these websites take between 10–20% commission from the provider even though they often claim to be 'free'.

Introductory fees vary from building to building, so ‘commission bias’ is inevitable as brokers present options which make them the most money. This is hardly the foundation for a trusted relationship.

The existence of introductory fees means that start-ups, charities, and businesses looking to flourish are paying an average of £13,800 extra for a 20 person London office space. This system of secretive commissions pushes up advertised prices for the entire industry at a time when businesses can least afford it. We've created a new business model using innovative technology, allowing us to connect you directly to the provider without hidden cost or commission.

Transparent about how we make money

Our unique business model doesn't rely on intermediaries (who take a cut of between 10–20% of your first year's rent). Instead, providers pay us a small annual subscription ( see link here to our pricing) to help support the platform so we can bring you the very best office spaces at affordable prices.

Serviced office providers support us because the platform helps them avoid expensive commissions and enables them to speak directly to their customers. Price transparency means there's more room for you to negotiate a better deal. We believe it is essential for you to compare the entire market in one place to get the best value and deal. By working with Upmo, you avoid commission charges and help us make the market better for others (see Our contribution below). If you like what you’re reading, try our office search or tell a friend about upmo.com.

Our contribution

When you search for an office with Upmo, we promise to uphold these principles in all our dealings with you:

  • A fair marketplace. Unlike other websites that may be influenced by the difference between a 10% or 20% commission, we will never push you toward a particular office provider (since we do not take a commission). Instead, we give you the tools to make an informed decision that is right for you.
  • A direct connection to the provider. We’re putting the power in your hands by giving you the tools to manage your communications directly with the office provider (all in one place). And we won’t interfere with that.
  • Fair cost for our contribution. We’re a sustainable business, so to give our customers access to the best office space providers in one place, we ask providers to pay us a small subscription to list on the marketplace. We’ve built a robust suite of digital tools for office occupiers and providers. Building these tools has taken us a lot of time and effort to engineer. Therefore, we charge for what we believe is a fair cost for our contribution. We also openly publish our provider subscription prices (upmo.com/providers). If you want to be part of our sustainable community, try our office search.

Most businesses could use a hand at this time. If you'd like to support our efforts to help enterprises save money and support a fairer market, why not spread the word by messaging a friend who might be interested in upmo.com.