Find and compare offices across London

We’re a prop-tech startup made up of software designers, developers and commercial property experts who believe that there’s a cheaper, easier and fairer way for companies to go about finding and managing office space.

We’ve already done a lot to make finding office space easier but this is just the start and we’re currently working hard to provide you with the tools and information you need to make the best possible office move without having to engage an agent.

Why without an agent? Mostly because by removing the agent from the transaction we can operate a far cheaper model and pass these savings on to you, but also because it allows you to talk directly to the people who know best - the providers, and finally because it means we can focus on building tools that make your experience better.

Ultimately we believe in a world where workspace is available on tap, where you can switch on and off your space solutions, scale them up or scale them down seamlessly and book it by the hour, the month or the year. While we know that there is a long way to go before we get there, this beta website represents our first few steps towards achieving that vision and as we grow we hope to take lots of little steps towards achieving that reality.

Being in beta though, means we’re still learning, so if you have any feedback, want to speak to us about anything workspace related or want to hear more about where we’re going, please get in touch.

Our team