Find and compare offices across London

At Upmo we combine decades of commercial experience with the latest in tech to create the ultimate way to find office space. Our platform does away with the need for brokers . It connects people looking for office space directly with those providing it. No middlemen, no complicated leases and no hidden fees. Just a powerful search that helps you find your ideal office.

We set up shop in the middle of the pandemic. So we know that demands on workspaces have changed. More than that, we recognise that one way or another, working from home is here to stay. But we also know that the restrictions of the last year have shown the need for human connection. We believe that people and companies need opportunities to come together. To reconnect. To find a new, more balanced, way of working.

This is where Serviced offices come in. Simple contracts. Monthly rolling leases. Acquisitions done in days not months. These spaces offer the flexibility companies need in times of uncertainty. Just want a few coworking desks? Worried about another lockdown? Maybe you want to try a small office and rotate the days people come in? Whatever it is, Serviced has a solution to match.

That’s why at Upmo, we only deal with Serviced office providers. We’ve partnered with almost every one across London. We compare thousands of spaces.  Work with hundreds of providers. All to give you the full range of options.

And the best news? Our unique model means that whenever you use our platform you save 10-20% on the transaction. We’ve taken our knowledge of doing commercial property the old way, and changed everything that’s not working to build Upmo. And as a result, we’ve created a whole new model. One that is totally transparent. That is fair. And one that gives our users the best possible experience.

That experience is only possible through a deliberate challenge of the status quo and a relentless push for automation over manual process. In practical terms this means you get details of the spaces themselves, not just the buildings. It means speaking directly with the providers of space, not a middleman. It means having tools to quickly and easily compare options to make the right decisions by yourself, not a site that takes you offline and bombards you with calls.

These represent the first steps towards our vision of a world where workspaces are available on tap. We’re just getting started and we’re already ahead of the curve, so why not Try an office search now to see how easy it is to go direct and save 10-20%.