A cheaper deal for everyone

How upmo helps you save moneySide-by-side charts. The first chart shows that providers with a traditional intermediary have to pay a 10-15% commission on top of their base operational costs of running the space whereas in the second chart - with Upmo - they don't have this large cost meaning there is a lot more room for you to negotiate a better deal.

By removing the agent from the transaction, we’re not only changing the way people go about finding office space but we’re also making it cheaper for everyone involved. Unlike our competitors we don’t charge 10% either to you or to the provider, meaning you have more room to negotiate.

No agents

We think that the best people to talk to about the office space you are considering moving into, is the provider of the space, so we’re removing the agent from the transaction. Instead we’re offering tools that empower you to find your next workspace on your own and put you firmly in control of your move. No more second hand info, no more agents pushing you towards the biggest fee, just a platform that help you find and compare offices easily.

Tools that empower you

We’ve created an incredibly fast and powerful search that allows you to find and compare flexible office space across London. We’re still in beta at the moment and we have lots more tools planned for the future, but for now you can search across all main providers of flexible office space in London, all in one place, and book your viewing appointments with the relevant provider.

No complicated leases that tie you in

We’ve decided to focus exclusively on serviced office spaces in London. While this type of office is not right for everyone, it guarantees a lot more flexibility, offers short term length contracts and tends to be all inclusive, making moving into a serviced office, scaling up the amount of desks you have or just managing the space, a doddle.

How it works

Follow our five easy steps to a hassle-free move. Upmo’s got you covered with digital tools, guidance, and checklists at each stage.

  1. Find office spaces that meet your requirements

    Use our street level search to find flexible offices that meet your needs. Filter further according to which facilities you’d like to have in your new office space. Not sure what you need? Use our handy requirements guide to help.

    Find office spaces that meet your requirements
  2. Book viewings for those spaces

    Book viewings at a time that works for you. If you want to do a virtual viewing we can help arrange that too, but ultimately you are likely to want to see the building and space in person. Use our booking tools to schedule these tours in with the provider.

    Book viewings for those spaces
  3. Visit those spaces
    (as many times as you need)

    Meet the provider at the building you’re interested in and they will take you on a tour and answer any of your questions. If available, they will show you a few different options at different price points and you should finish your tour with a real sense of whether this building is for you or not.

    Visit those spaces
  4. Negotiate a deal & sign contract

    Once you have found your ideal space you will want to negotiate the price with the provider and sign a contract. Our prices are real listing prices, but there is often room to negotiate. The good news is that because we don’t charge commission at all you won’t be able to get a better deal anywhere else other than on our platform.

    Negotiate a deal & sign contract
  5. Move in

    The final step is for you to pack up and move to your new workspace. Several of the larger providers offer moving in services and can take care of your move for you. There are also plenty of third parties who can provide this service for you for a small fee. Once you’re in, all there is to do is get comfortable and enjoy your new space!

    Move in

Who we are

We’re a small prop-tech startup made up of software designers, developers and commercial property experts who believe that there’s a cheaper, easier and fairer way for companies to go about finding and managing office space.

We’ve already done a lot to make finding office space easier but this is just the start and we’re currently working hard to provide you with the tools and information you need to make the best possible office move without having to engage an agent.

Why without an agent? Mostly because by removing the agent from the transaction we can operate a far cheaper model and pass these savings on to you, but also because it allows you to talk directly to the people who know best - the providers, and finally because it means we can focus on building tools that make your experience better.

Ultimately we believe in a world where workspace is available on tap, and while there is a long way to go before we get there, this beta website represents our first few steps towards achieving that vision.

Being in beta though, means we’re still learning, so if you have any feedback, want to speak to us about anything workspace related or want to hear more about where we’re going, please get in touch.